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Dr. Hans-Juergen Homann

Germany/ Land Berlin

Berlin 10117 Marienstr. 2
Phone: 0 302 472 90 86;
Web page:
Post ID: 164581

The law firm of lawyer Dr. Hans-Juergen Homann in Berlin advises on all areas of copyright- and media law. She specializes in entertainment law, as the music legal, Filmrecht, television law, stage right, Theaterrecht, publishing law, Games and games right, Music Publishing Law, Press Law, right to privacy, Fotorecht, Designrecht, Internet Law, Online law or trademark.

Among the areas of activity of the law firm Dr. Homann is one e.g.. the design of all necessary contracts in the media business, advising the name- AND TRADEMARK, representation in court and the drafting of reports.

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