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Specialist lawyer for Inheritance

Lawyer Kristin Winkler is a lawyer specializing in inheritance law and a lawyer specializing in tax law in the firm GWGL in Hamburg. She is head of the inheritance and assets- and corporate succession. She advises clients on all aspects of succession(planning) and represents heirs,

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And Matthias. Grimme

Lawyer Matthias E. Grimme is a specialist in tax law, Accountants and tested consultant of DStV in the Registry GWGL in Hamburg and passes the control region, the criminal tax representation and design consultancy.

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Elsholz Berninger Lawyers

We are experts in insolvency, Economic, Work- and company law. This expertise combined with our practical experience as a receiver allows us, our clients in crises- to support and conflict resolution on the subject of insolvency optimally

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Viehbacher Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater

The lawyers of cooperation Viehbacher Lawyers Accountants in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Liechtenstein, among other things in the fields of economics, punishment- and tax law operates.

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Florian Schmidt

Our firm has been in existence for about three generations and cultivates a tradition of our clients in legal matters as much as possible to help and support them.

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Decriminalization of voluntary THOWA Consulting

The creation of an amnesty voluntary disclosure is an art, undermine preventable malpractice in the unfortunately too often even for experts. This fact was made by prominent method impressively demonstrated. A successful entrepreneur and achievers like Uli Hoeness

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Law firm on Königswall28

The law firm – Registry on Königswall 28 is in the field of criminal law, Foreign law, Labor law, Family law and traffic law operates. Within these fields of activity provide economic criminal law and criminal tax law special emphasis is. The

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Kanzlei Scale & MBB Partners Auditors Tax Consultants Lawyers

We are a since 1997 existing interdisciplinary prestigious law firm, consisting of Auditors Tax Consultants and lawyers based in the center of Munich. We offer our clients a multidisciplinary consultancy in the areas of taxation, Auditing and right from a

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Kanzlei Prof. Schmallowsky

Financial Accounting (Partnerships, Individual companies, Corporations, Limiteds, Clubs) Wage- in the. Payroll Services in tax- in the. social security checks briefing / training of staff in the financial accounting of clients

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Registry Dr. Kass & Reichelt

The firm “DR. JUR. KASS & REICHELT” is a modern, but experienced firm, which specializes in advising and representing SMEs. In these fields, we not only have the required competence, by our be

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