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Law firm Wittibschlager

Switzerland/ Kanton Zürich

Zürich 8053 Witikonerstrasse 256
Phone: 4 143 545 01 50;
Cellular phone: 4 178 906 81 09;
Contact Person: Stanislava Wittibschlager
Post ID: 164572

German lawyer Switzerland, Zürich

The lawyers of the law firm Wittibschlager from Zurich represented individuals and businesses primarily in the German and Swiss law. We support clients from Germany and Switzerland on the ground and stand up for their interests. Our focus is on:
– Labour
– Family Law
– Marriage law
– Scheidungsrecht
– Inheritance
– Scheidungsrecht
– Company law
– commercial law
– Business Law

In particular, in legal issues to separation, divorce, marriage protection, Company Formation, Process control of cross-border legal issues and contract law and debt collection- and bankruptcy law you have come to the right place.

Give us a call
Law firm Wittibschlager
Witikonerstrasse 256
8053 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 of the 43 545 01 50

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