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Law firm Lehnert v2.8

Germany/ Free State of Bavaria

Nürnberg 90489 Am Messehaus 25
Phone: 091 150 00 91;
Fax: 0 911 500 96 81;
Contact Person: Hans-Wolfram Lehnert
Post ID: 168076

Law firm Lehnert v2.8 – in the metropolis Nuremberg – for the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region – Fürth – Erlangen

I always find my way to the classical virtues of lawyers from the 19. Century and realize, are that fulfills much more than merely referred to the office organization needs of a modern quality management:

memoria - Memory
understanding - Lesetüchtigkeit
docilitas - learning ability
sollertia - Skill
ratio – logical mind
providentia - foresight
diligentia - care
Oversight - Umsicht
cautio - Caution

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